Environment Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home or remote working is a hot topic now.

Very much in the forefront of people’s minds as an option to consider in their work choices.

Lock-down restrictions have shown many of us while being difficult & frustrating how simultaneously beneficial & productive working from home can actually be.

There are additional benefits..

Its not just for the novelty or convenience factor, there are additional benefits to be considered when your company is considering work from home as an option for employees. As well as the improvements in people’s work & life balance (there’s not many who would say they miss the morning commute) there are also the environmental benefits to be recognised.

Pre lockdown

5.06 metric tons.

That’s the number. Per person employed in a typical office environment, 5.06 t was the individual contribution to a company’s CO2 footprint. This is improving. 2 years previously it was 5.44 metric tons.

As can be seen a large proportion of that contribution is Commute at 46%. Heating, lighting and power (devices & equipment) are ‘consumables’ in that we can moderate our use of them to some level through being responsible (switch lights off leaving rooms, avoid overnight standby on devices ete) but ultimately they are necessary to enable us to work in the office.

Working from Home

Changes things dramatically though.

Curtailing the commute is not just an immediate effect on the CO2 footprint but is also a dramatic change for staff who have more time in their day to attribute to other purposes – exercise, family time, learning, volunteering etc etc. An immediate and apparent improvement on work / life balance and ultimately a big contribution to increases in productivity by remote workers.

Through rebalancing the commute (you still have to go to the office sometimes over the course of a year) changes to heating & lighting a typical work from home set up brings the C)2 contribution to 2.10 metric tons per individual.

That’s a HUGE 58% reduction over the course of a year!!

At HYVE.ie we are working to reduce that even further. We have identified that the 46% Power (relatively higher than the Offic number due to domestic inefficiencies) as the target to make changes.

Implementation of options for renewable energy such as Solar & Photo Voltaic panels where appropriate will help bring that power usage number down further.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to discuss how converting your office operations to HYVE would work out for your benefit, do get in touch with us.


HYVE Outdoor Work & Wellbeing Spaces

Innovative Modular Pods providing healthy outdoor spaces for work and leisure that are both functional and aesthetically stunning.

About HYVE

HYVE Outdoor Spaces concept was designed to create innovative outdoor buildings which combine agile working principles with personal wellbeing.

The fully modular design means the building may be configured in square, hexagonal, rectangular or a combination of these formats while maintaining its inherent classic beauty, core strength  and functionality.

A wide range of finishes and fitout specifications are individually chosen for each building to ensure that every Client achieves their own personal requirements with a truly bespoke solution.

With its off-site manufacture, fast installation and comprehensive furnishing options a HYVE package takes care of every detail from start to finish.

Packed with sustainability features such as the living sedum roof, low energy LED lighting, insulation and double glazing HYVE cares for the wellbeing of the environment too.

HYVE may be fitted out for many dedicated uses which encourage a healthier lifestyle and perfectly complement any size and style of garden or open space.

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