HYVE Outdoor Work & Wellbeing Spaces

Innovative Modular Pods providing healthy outdoor spaces for work and leisure that are both functional and aesthetically stunning.

About HYVE

HYVE Outdoor Spaces concept was designed to create innovative outdoor buildings which combine agile working principles with personal wellbeing.

The fully modular design means the building may be configured in square, hexagonal, rectangular or a combination of these formats while maintaining its inherent classic beauty, core strength  and functionality.

A wide range of finishes and fitout specifications are individually chosen for each building to ensure that every Client achieves their own personal requirements with a truly bespoke solution.

With its off-site manufacture, fast installation and comprehensive furnishing options a HYVE package takes care of every detail from start to finish.

Packed with sustainability features such as the living sedum roof, low energy LED lighting, insulation and double glazing HYVE cares for the wellbeing of the environment too.

HYVE may be fitted out for many dedicated uses which encourage a healthier lifestyle and perfectly complement any size and style of garden or open space.

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