Times are changing. Legislation needs to move with the times.

Interesting article in the Irish Times on the observation that the majority of workplace legislation is not ‘fit for purpose’ when it comes to protecting workers that are contributing from remote locations.

Much of our employment legislation covers employment conditions in the defined place of work which until recently was a physical premises or office based situation for many.

Due to the pandemic lockdown and restrictions, by necessity, what we consider the definition of workplace is changing. We now need employment legislation to be updated to include changes to the location of our individual workplaces as more and more people are being required  to work remotely from home or other locations.

Many (companies) were forced to embrace it (#workingfromhome) due to #Covid19 and were surprised by how well it had worked. Click To Tweet

Increasingly we need flexibility from companies and employers in how we approach work and completing tasks. Performance measuring, reviews, accumulating holiday leave and parental duties are all factors concerning the new generation of remote worker.



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