In Ireland eventcentre.ie are leading the market with intelligent work from home facilities. HYVE Outdoor Spaces concept was designed to create innovative outdoor buildings which combine agile working principles with personal wellbeing.


Some of the key benefits and features of HYVE


Whether you have too little space or you want to make better use of dead space, we can offer you a flexible, fast and future proof solution, inside or outside. Arriving flat-packed, HYVE can be erected in the tightest of spots.


Businesses are under pressure to improve productivity, reduce costs and work more efficiently, yet standard real estate solutions  and products offer little to help. HYVE brings choice, efficiency and dynamism to your business.


HYVE can be installed fully fitted out and are extremely space-efficient; they are fast to install and practical to move in the future. Space wherever you need it; private, fast, cost-effective and great spaces to be in, inside or outside.


HYVE creates private, great looking and high performing spaces in which to meet and work. Creating spaces where staff can escape to, where they can hear themselves think, or be heard! Our HYVE is a safe haven in which to relax, discuss and to share.


With a modular design, HYVE products are unique in their ability to create spaces wherever you need it. Private, fast, cost-effective and great places to be in, inside or outside.


The high overall acoustic rating ensures that HYVE succeeds in creating private, relaxing and inspiring spaces to be in. So, whether its the need for meeting space, interview rooms, edit suites, or just somewhere to relax and think, HYVE are able to create spaces than enhance  existing facilities , boost flexibility and increase productivity.